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Power Core Aeration

If you are not sure if core aeration is right for your lawn consider the following:
    Core Aeration for Shreveport, LA
  • Power core aeration helps your lawn breath and be healthy by providing oxygen and nutrients direct access to the root system.

  • Aerating your lawn will help it absorb more water, rather than run off, therefore saving you money on water.

  • Power core aeration helps builds a thicker turf. Water helps roots to penetrate tough soils and makes it easier for your roots to grow thicker and deeper.

  • Aerating helps reduce thatch.

  • Aerating makes it easier for fertilizers to work their way into the soil therefore improving your soil.

  • Aerating helps new lawns to establish themselves faster and also helps to repair bad patches in your lawn.

  • A core aeration plan can help your lawn become plush and healthy, while saving you money. For more details on power core aeration and how it can help your lawn, please give us a call!

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